12 Februar 2020

Native speaker 2019_20

Our English Project

Last week we had an English project week (Febr.3rd, – 7th,2020). The teachers Angela, who comes from California, and James who is from Texas, worked with us. We played different games with Angela. We played games like “Tinga, Tinga, Tanga” or “Because ….” and some others.

Every day in the last lesson we watched the movie “Night at the museum”.  We also created an App which was presented in front of the class.

On some days we went to the gym. There we played games like Castle Ball, Basketball, or Row up.

On Friday, the last day of the project week, we had a presentation in the hall. We presented our Apps and new countries. We also played sketches and two girls, Vanessa and Simone, sang a beautiful song.

I liked this English project week very much!

Written by  Elena Haspl

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